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Date Added: 10/20/2004
Added By: Mark Genovese
Identified: Yes!   

From Mark Genovese, 10/20/2004 8:43:15 PM:

Reading other's contributions rteminds me of another song that's been bugging me. Two gentlemen with Caribbean accents, calling each other "Jim." One asks the other how to spell "New York." and the other replies: "A knife, a fork, a bottle, and a cork."

From audiofool, 10/20/2004 8:58:39 PM:

Mark - The track is by Dillinger "Cocaine In My Brain" - see more about it here: http://www.deepdiscountcd.com/index.cfm?request=cd.cfm?upc=060768037021
hope this helps

From Mark Genovese, 10/20/2004 10:30:03 PM:

I am totally amazed. I figured there couldn't hardly be enough there to work with. Thank you!

From audiofool, 10/20/2004 11:16:55 PM:

This was one of my favourite tracks back in the early 80's.
It's also available on an Island Records 40th anniversary reggae compililation (Vol 5) that has some other great tracks from this period too.
See: http://www.jr.com/JRProductPage.process?Product=3846096 for a listing and sound sample of this disc. (I've got it and I love it !..... Junior Murvin's Police and Thieves ! Jimmy Cliff's The Harder They Come ! and lots more

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