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Date Added: 10/21/2004
Added By: john
Identified: Yes!   

From john, 10/22/2004 6:28:03 PM:

Song with a chorus of
"If I love you, If I love you
There's no other love you can compare it to"
First bit of the song (with lots of missing words)
"At the wrong end of a...
Being sacked for the big deals
One eye on the way ahead
And the other on the ...
I was speaking how we looked for some perfect thing
But I don't think...
When I saw some...
Put you on my mind
I saw a kid...up a magazine
And it struck me the kid should dump that...
To clear his mind & choose
Cause it's whispered through the present age
It's scattered from the...
Cause you can't take off the ...
When it comes in starts and stops"

Any clues?

From Andrew, 10/25/2004 10:22:57 AM:

Pete Wylie - If I Love You

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