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Date Added: 10/27/2004
Added By: bb thornton
Identified: Not Yet!

From bb thornton, 10/27/2004 12:25:18 PM:

Song about a hitman or a hit or something, with a chorus like "Don't double cross the ones you love; Don't double cross the ones you need etc. etc."

Starts off:
A little shot...into the night
Spilling the colours of the neon light
Baxter(?)the hitman is driving with his crew
The baddest boys both born and raised in ....
They're looking for a man named Sweet Tyrone
......he was a friend
But is no more
He broke the main rule that controls the street
You don't mess with the ones you love
The ones you need


From JJ, 10/2/2005 6:14:06 PM:

The singer is Ruben Blades, song was in 1990 Movie Q&A with Timothy Huton and Nick Nolte.

From bb thornton, 10/4/2005 1:10:35 PM:

Thanks very much.

Is there a name to the song, and can it be found on any collection?

From Dave Myrvold, 3/20/2011 10:47:14 AM:

"The Hit"

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