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Date Added: 11/24/2004
Added By: RetroMikey
Identified: Yes!   

From RetroMikey, 11/24/2004 6:46:26 PM:

I remember hearing this song back around 1986....
all I remember is the song going like this..........
"It's animal It's magic It's passion....
I could use this magic too......
It's animal animal animal
magic magic"
Any help wpuld be greatfully appreciated....sorry I don't have a MP3 clip.

From Andrew, 11/25/2004 9:54:59 AM:

Could be Animal Magic by Belouis Some. I haven't listened to the song in a while but I'm pretty sure that's it. As far as I remember there is some sequencer stuff in the song that reminded me of Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order - if that helps.

From RetroMikey, 11/27/2004 5:11:16 PM:

That's the song!!!! Thanks so much Andrew! You're the best! I remember dancing to this song back then at Balinger's in Cambridge or at the Copa in TO and always wanted to know who the artist was!

From retroblue, 11/25/2005 4:02:50 AM:

was just looking for the name to this song, wow posts are almost a year apart :)

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