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Date Added: 12/8/2004
Added By: dallas
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From dallas, 12/8/2004 10:27:35 PM:

lol..i got it this time. this song is from the late 80's and is from..siouxsie and the banshees..and was indeed played on cfny either in 1983 or 1984..can anyone help get a name..thank you.

From JaeBee, 12/11/2004 5:58:29 PM:

are you sure this isn't "I'm not an Addict" by K's Choice?? sure sounds like it.

From dallas, 12/12/2004 4:54:15 AM:


Nope was not K's choice??am certain 100% it"s SATB.However..the beginning goes fatser then the mp3 i did??Maybe if you hum it a bit faster..it might come to you..:)TY though for trying..:)Let me know..thanxs.

From bq437, 12/15/2004 7:55:25 PM:

I agree - that's gotta be "The Killing Jar" by SATB

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