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Date Added: 12/25/2004
Added By: Paul
Identified: Yes!   

From Paul, 12/25/2004 9:58:49 AM:

I was watching the "Much turns 20" special today, and heard a song I can't place. Apprently it was used as the theme song for the Much show called Indy Street. They only played a snippet of it and I remembered that CFNY used to play it all the time. It was really noisey industrial sounding song with the repeated phrase "collide" or "survive" over grinding guitar riffs. Anybody know what song I'm thinking of?

From Paul, 12/25/2004 12:13:22 PM:

Oops .. I think someone else was looking for the same song. Collage by Vital Sines. Sounds right. Guess I should have read all the posts :)

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