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Date Added: 12/27/2004
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From Rainer (Germany, 1/7/2005 8:54:23 PM:

This is "BOY ON THE BEACH" by german group called THE RAINBIRDS.

From pop80s, 1/11/2005 12:20:30 PM:

this is not boy on the beach song and this is not from Rainbirds.


From pop80s, 1/20/2005 10:16:29 AM:

995 is Restless Natives by Big Country from the 1985 film of the same name. Check it out, its a superior Gregory's Girl - "I hold up buses". Mel Smith has a small part! - PS Film is now deleted so try very hard to find it.

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From andy, 12/11/2010 3:40:15 PM:

That's it. SOLVED.

Here's a YT clip:

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