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Date Added: 12/28/2004
Added By: Ted V
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From Ted, 12/28/2004 4:09:09 AM:

I am looking to find out the name of the DJ Mixing Pool that was located in Montreal that Chris Sheppard got all of his stuff from. One example is the version of a New Order megamix called New Order- Reordered.

From Dave Myrvold, 12/28/2004 11:20:55 AM:

This post would've been better suited in the Forum (BBS), nonetheless I can answer your question.

That would've been a branch site in this country for DMC (Disco Mix Club). They were based out of the UK.

There may still be copies of a CD that DMC put out with the megamix you mention above at:


From Ralph, 1/7/2005 5:47:10 PM:

I picked up that DMC Presents CD from Ideal Copy back in December, it is pretty cool, but at US$30 plus shipping it was a bit on the pricey side.

The New Order track included is not what I would call a New Order 'megamix' (which I would define as multiple New Order tracks mixed together) but instead it is Blue Monday with a bunch of samples from other songs and TV shows/movies mixed in (i.e. one of the many samples included was a spoken word sample from a James Bond flick followed by a little bit of the James Bond theme song mixed into the middle of Blue Monday) The title for the track on the CD is 'Blue Monday Re-ordered'.

The format for essentially all of the songs on that CD is to include samples from TV/movies/other tracks - nothing that I would call a megamix as I defined above.

Overall, a great but quite expensive acquisition.


From DJ Don, 1/17/2005 10:39:25 PM:

Sheppard played alot of DMC and On-USound tracks, it is the DMC that you are after.

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