Help on an instrumental

All about the music played on the Spirit
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Help on an instrumental


pete&geets gave this one alot of airplay i beleive it was vangelis.slow synth melody.this is very hard to descibe but if anyone can give me leads and i can try downloads till i get it ,this would help.i've tried lots of dwnlds so far,snake eyes!!!i've heard it lots early 80s,but never again!descibing it is like trying to explain how a good steak tastes!HELP

Help on an instrumental

Post by KMFDM10000 »

All I can think of is Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield. You probably tried that.

Help on an instrumental

Post by SMokALotAPot »

OR could someone list vangelis songs that CFNY played during that era?the trouble is most the downloads for vangelis are in album form!(takes a long time to download)this track i seek was not an uptempo bit,rather,a haunting type melody with repeat fades(there that should really confuse)i think if it got any play today,we'd be shoping....

Help on an instrumental

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Chariots of Fire maybe ?

I think they also played Yin and Yang from his China album once in a while.

Or it could be something from Tangerine Dream's album Exit.

There was also a Soft Machine album titled "Land Of Cockayne" that got a fair amount of play in late '81/early '82 ....check out the track "Lotus Groves", as it also fits the description in your first post.

Help on an instrumental

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definatly not chariots of eggs(sctv)as far as lotus groves goes,i can't find a listing on winmx!!Tubular bells is 5 miles out on that one.i'd say it sounds simalar to tomita's 1974 snowflakes are dancing but the notes aren't as poppy as tomita,but a blend of synth with notes of a high scale.STILL FISHING!!PLEASE KEEP ADDING YOUR THOUGHTS,MUCH APPREACHEATED!
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