Looking for canadian cfny classics..

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Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Ryan » Fri Jul 18, 2003 3:03 pm

xtended versions of national velvet's flesh under skin, and collage by vital sines..
about 5 yrs ago i requested the latter on the request show...the jock at the time, visjna, had absolutely no clue as she never heard of it. fair enough i suppose, but i can't even find these on the 'net. checked vortex records and a variety of others in toronto but to no avail.


Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by KMFDM10000 » Fri Jul 18, 2003 3:55 pm

I have Collage by Vital Sines, burned to a mixed CD. But I don't think it is an extended version. I have it right here and it is 4 min24sec. But I don't know if you are looking for the original. By the way, I am desperate for "Fear of the Cold" by Vital Sines. If you ever find it let me know.


Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by ralph » Fri Jul 18, 2003 5:48 pm

I have Fear of the Cold by Vital Sines, just on vinyl at this point, but should be able to burn it to CDr. It's on an EP called Big Dark Dreams. I also have Collage - I don't think there was an extended version. I have a 4 track 12" single/EP that includes Collage. I believe that's the only way the song was issued.

I have seen copies (multiple) of the Collage vinyl at a place called Orange Monkey in Waterloo, but that was quite a while ago.

Drop me a note if you're interested.



Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Rick » Mon Jul 21, 2003 2:16 pm

Collage is on a cd called Gothic Sanctuary that came out around 2000. Look here for more info. http://www.legendsmagazine.net/128/gothic.htm


Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Shawn » Thu Sep 11, 2003 6:38 pm

I have the 12 inch single of collage by vital sines. I bought it a few years ago at vortex (yonge and eglinton


Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Agit-Prop » Thu Nov 06, 2003 1:50 am

I'm looking for anything (preferably everything) by Parts Found In Sea



Linda McNeil

Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Linda McNeil » Sun Nov 16, 2003 2:15 pm

My goodness, Parts Found In Sea! Now that's a band name I've not heard in many, many years!! They used to play quite frequently at a club called Igwana Lounge on Pears Ave in the front room. You might want to check out Kops Kollectables on Queen St W. Just west of University on the south side. I was amazed to see a single of "Apocolypso" by the Singing Fools so they may just have some Parts Found In Sea also. Good luck!!



Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by AtticusFinch » Tue Nov 18, 2003 11:46 pm

Parts Found In Sea were a really good band. i have "Seat Of the Writing Man" on Vinyl. Would be happy to see it to CD...

While I am at it, there are some other vinyl treasures that deserved to be recognized...

Direktive 17's EP
United States "Bedazuld" LP
Rave Revues "Voices"
did anybody else know that Art Bergman was in Los Popularos and Poisoned before he went solo? The Poisoned EP is great.
Lilian Allen put out an awesome EP with Clifton Joseph called "De Dub Poets" that had original version of "Riddim an' Hardtimes", and a brilliant theme track "Unity Song"...
Anyone remember "Animal Slaves"? Not for the faint of heart - Rachel Melas was/is a terrific bass player.
Dave Howard Singers?
How about Slow? Much celebrated out west but sadly unknown in Ontario.

In the Vital Sines / "Cold Wave" genre there were some more great bands - anyone remember NORDA? "untitled" and "Century Ho!" by Sturm Group?
Broken Tables also had a really good 12" that I really dug.
My personal fave was a band with a single 7" 4 song EP called njf. I think it could be released today and would knock your socks off... story that I heard was that the lead singer (named "Wounded Knee") died not long after the record was prepared and the remaining band packed it in.

Any suggestions? Compilation CD of "lost and profound"? ... not to be confused with...

DAHB Music

Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by DAHB Music » Wed Nov 19, 2003 1:36 pm

Dave Howard still making music in T.O. (working with a computer animation company)



Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by datafreq » Thu Nov 20, 2003 11:38 am

I made 10 cds that i gave away at the reunion...a double cd of all canadian all vinyl stuff from my collection...

track listing:

cd 1

102.1 band working on the radio
breeding ground - reunion
payolas - china boys
vital sines - collage
bambi - rock on
toby swan - somewhere over the rainbow
national velvet - flesh under skin
demics - new york city
dave howard - beatbox baby
rough trade - high school confidential
diodes - catwalker
drastic measures - teddy bears picnic
pukka orchestra - listen to the radio (remix)
gerry cott - alphabet town
darkroom - san paku
belgazou - talk about it
vis a vis - shadowplay
jane siberry - mimi on the beach
parachute club - rise up

cd 2

blue peter - don't walk past
bb gabor - soviet jewellery
moev - alibis
benjamin russell - miracle of love
bobby and synthia - big ****
boys brigade - into the flow
tic tic - 20 questions
eight seconds - kiss you when it's dangerous
martha and the muffins - danseparc
images in vogue - educated man
strange advance - love games
moral support - strange day for dancing
rational youth - saturdays in silesia
spoons - symmetry
hugh marsh - versace
nash the slash - the womble

i can make up some more if anybody wants them...



Spirit Admin (Admin)

Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Spirit Admin (Admin) » Thu Nov 20, 2003 9:47 pm

oooh. Symmetry! My all-time favorite Spoons song. I told Sandy that at the reunion when I was talking to her for a while, and she just kind of looked at me weird.

Sour Beaner

Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Sour Beaner » Sun Nov 23, 2003 9:33 pm

Does anybody know of a track that used to be played on CFNY in 1990 which I believe was called "Tales from the Darkside"?
It was played on either Friday or Saturday nights at the start of the dance/club music session. I don't know if it is Canadian. It was kind of spooky horror movie music with a slow bassy groove. That's all I can remember, but I know I used to absolutely love it.

Sour Beaner

Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Sour Beaner » Sun Nov 23, 2003 10:05 pm

Also looking for Apple Streudel Man by Jolly Tambourine Man, if anyone knows where I might find it.


Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by Rick » Mon Nov 24, 2003 1:53 am

I have the 45 of Apple Strudel Man. I play it on my retro show. I thought the video was funny when I saw it and had to have the song.


Looking for canadian cfny classics..

Post by sourbeaner » Thu Nov 27, 2003 6:36 pm

Rick, you mention that you have Apple Strudel Man, but you don't mention where I might find a copy for myself. You say you play it on a Retro show. What radio station and where in Canada are you? I live in Edmonton, and if you are broadcasting from Toronto area I will not be able to hear your show.

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