Alternative Christmas Music

All about the music played on the Spirit
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Alternative Christmas Music

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CFNY used to play some interesting Christmas music in the 80's (eg. The Waitresses "Christmas Wrapping") Anyone have a list or remember any other titles?

Alternative Christmas Music

Post by Beale »

Payola's "Christmas is Coming".

Anything by "The Yobs".

The Pretenders' "2000 Miles".

John & Yoko, of course.


That's all I can think of for now....
Great Satan

Alternative Christmas Music

Post by Great Satan »

(1) Alan Banks & Chris Squire (of Yes) "Run with the fox."

(2) Kate Bush "December will be magic"

(3) (possibly) Tori Amos "Winter"

(4) Pogues "Christmas in New York"

(5) The heavily expletive version of 12 Days of Christmas. I think it was the Yobs as well. In my minds ear I hear something like 7 greasy condoms, 6 strap-on ****, 5 f--cking wh---s(!!!) One Two Three Four!!!..,"

(7) The one by Captain Sensible

(8) A really cool one--at least Christmassy-- that Adrian Sherwood (Caberet Voltaire) did.

(9) Kinks "Father Christmas"

(10)Ramones "Merry Christmas. Let's not fight"

(11) I also heard of a song called something like "Please Dad, don't get drunk for Christmas."
Linda McNeil

Alternative Christmas Music

Post by Linda McNeil »

I recently came across an old tape that had a christmassy tune called "I Want Santa". It was sung to the tune of "I Want Candy" I believe it was done by local musicians along with some people at CFNY but I could be wrong. Just thought I would mention it. BTW, if I am wrong on who did that little ditty, please let me know.

Cheers : )
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