Neu Skinny Puppy

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Neu Skinny Puppy

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in case anyone's in a nostalgic mood, that dark electro band from Vancouver thatbroke up in summer 1995 reformed for a reunion gig on germany in aug.2000 & now Key & Ogre are back, got a record contract & putting out newly recorded material early 2004!

Skinny Puppy 'new release' signing Chat -Fri.Nov.21
The cEvin Key Yahoo Group will be hosting a discussion regarding the new Skinny Puppy signing to German label SPV and the future of the band.
Enter the Chat @

Nov.21 '03 _mark your calendars now.
Friday 8pm CT - Chicago time zone
(9pm ET Time)
(6pm Pacific Time)

We'll try to get some of these SP players involved...


Neu Skinny Puppy

Post by Anonymous »

Skinny Puppy was and is all good. From the choke to candle +, Looking forward to something new to take a few years off myself.

Heard cEin Key a year or so ago, was no different than "The Horrorist", now that was and still is interesting to say the least.
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