Marsden on 94.9

The people that made CFNY what it was

Marsden on 94.9

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Did anyone else listen? It was great. Fifteen years of complaining about "the state of CFNY" were out the window after fifteen minutes of listening to him.

Marsden on 94.9

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I can't wait until they're web-casting.... I can't get their signal here ....
Bill Yetman

Marsden on 94.9

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Unfortunately I didn't see the message here until the weekend, but I did tune in 94.9 a few times to check it out. The playlist seems heavy on the classic RAWK!, which is odd since they would seem to be in direct competition with the Q. As every piece of the radio pie gets smaller, it seems that only the biggies survive and the little ones are doomed to endless re-formatting, a la 92.5. Time will tell if 94.9 will survive. Anyway, I'm really hoping to check out Marsden's broadcasts this week...
Scottie too Hottie

Marsden on 94.9

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Unfortunately I do not get the signal for this 94.9. Could someone please post the play list? Much appreciated.

Marsden on 94.9

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I listened for the first time last night (6/26) -
and I just loved it, I thought he shoould talk a little more and there was some technical glitches,
but everything was sorted out. Bronski Beat,
Rough Trade, Pink Floyd, Santana. woo-hoo!

Marsden on 94.9

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I listened on last Thursday night as well (6/26). Yes the focus is classic rock, but I think it goes to prove that a good DJ can work their magic within different formats!

I think it was great, I wrote down artists for the first hour or so:

Greatful Dead
Bob Marley
T Rex
The Verve
Talking Heads
Carole Pope/Rough Trade?
Ian Dury

I have to say that this was the first time that I can remember waiting with anticipation to see what the next track would be and listening well into lousy reception because I just didn't want to miss anything (I was driving out of their range).

You gotta love some of the mixes - Greatful Dead/Madness/Bob Marley; Hotel California followed by How Soon Is Now? - at this point one can get very broad in what can be considered 'classic rock'.

My only concern is how long this will last, as this show is definitely not in step with most of the other programs on the station - (no Van Halen, Bon Jovi, G'n'R or Ozzy - all heard on other programs). Can the classic rock format and its listener base appreciate Marsden's magic?

David Marsden

Marsden on 94.9

Post by David Marsden »

and so i say thank you. the calls and e-mails to the radio show have been most encouraging.

You ask how long it can last?

Well the arrangement I made with this rather courageous broadcast company was to let me do whatever I wanted (within the framework of professional radio) . That is quite a bold statement in these times of cookie cutter entertainment.

I applaud this radio company for having the knowledge and courage to recognize the need for something different. You may see it as only ten hours a week. I see it as a beginning. (frankly, at this time it's all I wanted to do for the summer months)

Currently I am on Thursday and Friday - 7 PM to midnight. It will last ONLY if people tune in for a listen. In the late 70's and early 80's people often asked me 'how long will it last'. (smile)

If you listen - I will do my best to keep it interesting and entertaining. And yes my tech work was a little shaky in the beginning. However, I think most of that has been worked out in my wee head - finally ;-)

If you like what you hear please pass the word along to everyone. To keep this going and perhaps expand it - there must be an audience. That is just the way it is.

I happen to believe there are a lot of people who want more from their radio...and I am trying to prove it. We live in a time when audience numbers too often are employed to make decisions about the entertainment we get.

So if someone asks you if you listen to the radio you should tell them yes and what - particularly if its radio that cannot be found everywhere. That strengthens our case.

There was a time when we all thought that by building up something we like 'that something' would go commercial. Just the opposite has happened and the programming we loved and may have kept secret - just disappeared.

Some broadcasters just don't know what to do, so they rely on polls and ratings to tell them what to do. Sad as this is - we must start showing those naive ones what it is we really want. This is true for Radio, TV, Magazines/newspapers and some elements of the Internet.

I am back on the air because I have become extremely frustrated by the homogenization of everything.

Make your wishes known and it will really help those of us trying to get changes made.

BTW - they tell me the Internet stream from 94.9 FM will be up very soon.

I have always relied on the audience to show the suits what they want. And I thank you in advance for being there one more time.

You may reach me at -

The Marsbar

Marsden on 94.9

Post by Glen »


You will always have a loyal following whereever you go. I am glad you have resurfaced on the airwaves in the Golden Horseshoe area. Albeit the reception is somewhat inferior on my receiver at home, my car radio receives the reception quite clear.

Fortunately for you and us, 94.9 has given you carte blanche to allow you to play *your* playlist, not what the suits dictate what you must play. Thus, I feel the spirit has been reborn. This is evident when I hear the rare CFNY tracks that I heard once or twice so long ago and thought I would never hear again such as Psychedelic Furs' "Sister Europe" and Godley & Creme's "An Englishman in New York" that I heard last Friday evening.

I agree that word of mouth is the paramount key to success for a service or product and I hope that it is being carried out by the listeners. One drawback is that 94.9's signal cannot be received a fair distance from Oshawa except in cars which can hinder the growth of the listening base. Conversely, current technology allowing webcasting from 94.9 to computers connected by popular broadband and other high speed links in North America will surely help spread the word.

In closing, thank you, MarsBar, for being back on the airwaves and reviving "The Spirit of Radio" and thanks to 94.9 for giving you the opportunity to be on the air and let you be yourself, no holds barred.

A loyal listener,
John Arruda

Marsden on 94.9

Post by John Arruda »

I live in Lindsay but I am a zookeeper at the Toronto Zoo. Now up until a few months ago I couldn't stand the 70 minute drive home every day that I had to go through. However things have definitely changed on Thursday and Friday nights as I now get to listen to Marsden on my way home. It is absolutely the best radio I have heard since the old CFNY. Hurrah for Marsden and hurrah for THE ROCK for having the balls to give Marsden control of his own program.

Marsden on 94.9

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Not since The Spirit of Rock was on CNFY has radio sounded as good as TheRock. I first realized something must have changed when I heard David Marsden on the car radio on a Thursday night in the early summer. I must add that it is a thrill to hear my favorite tunes which are rarely played on local stations, and also to have the "Marsbar" on the air, playing an eccentric mix on Thursday's and Friday's. To all the DJ's and management at "The Rock" ,thanks for creating an "most excellent" station.
Spirit Admin (Admin)

Marsden on 94.9

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Just wondering how many people listening to Marsden on the Rock 94.9 found this web site as a result? Speak up!

Marsden on 94.9

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I'm the opposite - I heard about Marsden being on 94.9 here - been listening faithfully since late June :-)


Marsden on 94.9

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Me too, living in Hamilton, only heard about the Marsden show from this site (top of my faves, thanx Scott). Since broadcating online, been listening regularly. UNBELIEVABLE! A commercial radio station with the BALLS to allow this kind of free form programming! Truely nostalgic-eclectic "retro"! Congrats to the management of this station and THE MARS BAR, who must be on CLoud 8. Pleeze don't let it end!! I cant wait till Friday October 31'st! The show is a perfect Sunday afternoon special on a (MUCH NEEDED) New Music radio station in the city. God I wish I had a WHOLE lot of money...

Marsden on 94.9

Post by Glen »


I heard about the announcement of the MarsBar show here. Thank you.


Marsden on 94.9

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Wonderful, just wonderful... so long since i smiled when a song began to play on the radio. BB Gabor, National Velvet, Way Of The West, Pretenders, Klaatu, Pukka Orchestra, and so much more. I had almost forgotten how special, warm and intimate radio could be. And David is part of the whole mix, he reminds us that the DJ is as important as the music he plays. This is radio as it SHOULD be. This show should be required listening at the radio colleges. Thanks for the memories, David, and thanks for remembering US.
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