Humble and Fred ... No more

The people that made CFNY what it was

Humble and Fred ... No more

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Fred was a sports announcer and was thrown into the role of sidekick. He should stick to his sports...he was actually good at that and his editorial comments were always good. As a DJ or radio guy...sorry Fred...stick to sports.

Humble and Fred ... No more

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If i were Fred, i'd find some way to burn a CD with a bunch of my better bits (Mr.Goohead etc) and songs (Snow Removal Machine, I Wanna Win a CASBY, etc) and offer it up for sale at "" or what have you. He might sell a few, and he could also use it to shop himself around to potential employers. Satellite radio has a lotta bandwith to fill. All Freddy P., all the time?

I liked Mr. Goohead and his mauve Skoda, but i guess it's kinda dated... the last Skoda crumbled into rust dust several decades ago.

Humble and Fred ... No more

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Hey Jade....I do make things interesting, though.

Humble and Fred ... No more

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Interesting for you.
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It looks like Howard has now gotten the push from the MIX

All referance to the morning show has been deleted from the MIX web site

and they did it same way that they did it to Fred (gone on vactation and come back to no Job ... Real classy Standard radio)
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just re-reading this thread. what became of sammi? too busy hanging out with the mid-40s martin streek to post anymore?
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Fred Patterson has an interesting question

If your interested check is
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Good for them. But, why stop there? Why not create a whole \"Spirit of Satellite\"?
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Freddie I liked - those songs - Snow Removal Machine...and that other one...about getting a BBQ at Canadian tire? Sorry, never much of a fan of Howard

Pete and Geets - I grew up on them - so I'm spoiled ;)
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