My memories of The Spirit....

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My memories of The Spirit....

Post by dougler »

First heard CFNY on the car radio in the parking lot before an Illustration pub at Sheridan College (School of Visual Arts - now closed). Randomly turned the dial and tuned into Pscyho Killer by the Talking Heads. Unlike anything I had ever heard before and I was completely hooked from that point on.

At work I always had a boom box on stand-by - recorded all the imports onto cassette (still have in a dusty box full of tapes in the Garage - carefully catalogued. Abandoned now as I managed to find most of the 80s stuff, remixes and b-sides on mp3 through a few obscure UK sites, long since shut down).

Loved The Import Show with Ivar on Sunday night - taped that religously.

Even won the top 102 albums of the year in 82 (or 83?). Was lying on the couch New Years Day, hungover as hell, when James Scott broke away to call the winner of the draw (you sent in your list of top ten albums and one of the submissions was selected to win ALL of the top 102). My phone rang seconds after that, and when I picked it up could hear the promo spots through the phone. One of the highlights of my misspent youth. Trouble was, I had pretty well all the albums (having discovered The Peddler) and ended up giving most of them to my then girlfriend. But it was very cool.

As I was (and still am) a graphic designer, I did some freelance Video Road Show posters and artwork for Live Earl (after meeting him at an event). Very cool guy. Still have the original artwork of that and show it off whenever I get the chance.

Drank Carlsberg (the officialy CFNY beer) when hanging out at Nuts and Bolts and/or Domino (every thursday, friday and Saturday night for years). Actually looked at renting the Kennedy Road CFNY HQ (after they moved totally downtown) for my own offices (a little on the steep side rent wise though). When I went to see it with the real estate guy, I remember thinking - if only these walls could talk.

Found this site last night and listened to the streaming audio for a few hours. Man, did that bring back memories. Thanks for putting up such a great resource.

The Wife's always telling me that I'm stuck in the 80's.

She's probably right...
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Re: My memories of The Spirit....

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dougler wrote: Actually looked at renting the Kennedy Road CFNY HQ (after they moved totally downtown) for my own offices (a little on the steep side rent wise though). When I went to see it with the real estate guy, I remember thinking - if only these walls could talk.
Having spent a fair amount of my youth in those Kennedy Road "chickenhead" studios, I went for one last look just before they were gutted and renovated a few years ago. The control room was still there, with the morning show studio intact, smoke-stained walls and all. Pre-production, too. Of course, they were being used as offices, but how strange that after all those years, it was still more or less as if CFNY had just left. Spooky, really.
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Post by Parrothead »

I'll throw my memories into this thread, as well. I first listened to CFNY back in '79 or '80. I was just moving the dial one early morning. I heard a set that included: \"Court of the Crimson King\", a piece from Dvorak's \"New World Symphony\" and \"London Calling\". My first thoughts were \"Hmmm, interesting mix\". It didn't take long for me to tune in, more often. The '80's were my high school and university years, so most of my listening was done in the mornings, evenings and on weekends. Programs I enjoyed, over the years, included: Pete and Geets, Live Earl Jive, the Original Import Show, Thursday Night Live, Alternative Bedtime Hour and just the different themed Saturdays/weekends (51 in '81, etc). I chalk it up to an incredible mix of talent and a format that made The Spirit, what it was and I am so glad I found it. :D

Much of the music from then, has stuck with me. If I had to hazard a guess on which album, I have played most often from back then, I'd say it would be The Beat's \"I Just Can't Stop It\". I think, I have bought 4 or 5 copies of that album, over the years. Some months ago, I was going through my lps, some that got played upon sight were: The CFNY promo lp (included the songs \"Love Cascade\", \"Radio Clash\", \"Never Say Never\", \"Waiting For A Train\", \"Love My Way\" and \"Der Kommissar\"), \"Snap\" - The Jam, \"The Circle and the Square\" - Red Box, Big Pig - Bonk and \"A Secret Wish\" - Propaganda. This led me to picking up copies of \"A Secret Wish\" and \"Outside World\" on cd. At the same time, I spied a copy of Rational Youth's \"Cold War Nightlife\", which was quickly added to the purchase. :P

I recently found boxes of mix tapes, I made from the radio, back in the day. Quality isn't good, but definately brought back some memories. I enjoyed listening to a couple of Thursday night live eps :) ( Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure and The Beat (this tape was twisted halfway through :( )

Great site you have here. I have lurked here on and off over the years. I first stumbled across it years ago, then again just after the reunion (dang!) and then again a few weeks ago, when I finally registered.
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Post by pmhvps »

My first time (tuning in) was back in the day when CFNY was the unofficial radio station of Sheridan College. (Brampton Campus late '70's) I heard the Mars Bar was heading it up and with that news, I knew it would be something special. In high school I listened to him on CHUM FM. (yes, I'm old) Going through my stack of tapes I see things marked like \"54 in 84\", \"Dr. Demento\", \"Bev and Earl\", \"Christmas with David Marsden\" 8) ............. I pretty much stayed with the station (CFNY) until Humble and Fred left. I almost turned the dial when Pete and Geets left but, hung on. I went to the CASBYS when Sara Craig was one of the performers, got to meet her and her Mom and would have taken them both home on the back of my bike. Met Don Berns, Dan Duran and Alan Cross. Alan told me he saw a band on his 18th birthday in Winnipeg that are good friends of mine, Crackers and I felt a bit of a connection. I've always danced to a different drummer and now listen to CIOI FM 101.5 Mohawk College radio in Hamilton.

Mike. :wink:
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Re: My memories of The Spirit....

Post by DDT »

I've just discovered this site and this forum and noticed that you mentioned that you taped the Import Show religiously. WWEEEELLLLL; I taped an episode on Jan 23? 1984 on a one hour tape and it ran out in the middle of a song that I've since spent years trying to find out who it is. In fact the same show (1st hour) is on the sounds page. Ivar with Lee Carter. I need to know what that song is that came after Michael Karoli and Polly Eltes.'Fear Of Losing Control". It may not have a great impact on how the rest of my life will play out here on in, but it has been an itch i've been longing to scratch. Please help.

By the way, I enjoy everyone's comments about memories etc etc..I just remember discovering punk and new wave through my uncle and then absorbing what I could from CFNY when it was still in the big yellow house on Main Street in Brampton. It's all intertwined with memories of High School and the Club "Radio Active Turner"(RAT) and the four music weeklies and discovering more neat bands with really cool names. Who can remember how cool the name SIMPLE MINDS was in 1980, or THE CURE, or FUN BOY THREE? (very cool for a 14 year old). Being a teenager then, everything was new and emotionally raw. I imagine that's why it all had such a huge impact on me and nothing new since then (even though there's lots of awesome music) has even come close. However, I did really enjoy The Alternative Bedtime Hour in 89?..

Gotta Go but I really hope you can help me with that song... thank DDT
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