It Didn't Get Any Better Than CFNY

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rob martin

It Didn't Get Any Better Than CFNY

Post by rob martin »

I am like a bunch of others who describe themselves as 'sad' for visiting this site nearly every day.

I'm back living in England these days but fondly remember CFNY from early 1977 when living in Oshawa. The signal was sh!t but the music made it bearable.

Thanfully, I was prolific in making tapes for a number of years (quality sometimes as suspect as the signals I was recording) which I will soon be transferring to CD/Hard Drive. I'm in the middle of moving house but I hope to be able to put some of the stuff I have on Morpheus later this year-station ID's, ads, sports, news, etc. I have the whole 3 hours of the very last McNally Masquerade before he went to Australia. It features David Marsden's appeal an appearance by Earl Jive at the end.

Maybe I should make copies and send them to Geets to clean up a bit.

Anybody else think that JR used to play the best stuff of any mid-morning show? EVER?

I'm one of the saddo's who will keep coming back here regularly. CFNY was more than just a radio station to me and I'm saddened by what it has become (yes, I listen now and again). The Edge...what a load of crap.

Mark Germino's song Rex Bob Lowenstein could have written for CFNY.

Gotta go for now-will keep you informed as to how the tape transfers are progressing.
Scott MacLean

It Didn't Get Any Better Than CFNY

Post by Scott MacLean »

Hi Rob,

Anything you want to share, especially interesting air checks, I'd love to put online. I too have some tapes to transfer yet, and I've transferred some others that people have sent in.

Thanks, everyone!

It Didn't Get Any Better Than CFNY

Post by kenf »

'Sad', can also include spending many hours - day/night/sleep/work/life creating a winamp skin dedicated to the spirit (as I saw the radio - in burgundy and grey).
Now Available at
'cfny_fm 102_1' *.wsz (version 2.**)
Rob in England

It Didn't Get Any Better Than CFNY

Post by Rob in England »

Excellent-I haven't seen it yet but I want it!

You're not sad...................

It Didn't Get Any Better Than CFNY

Post by mirasa70 »

OH MY GOD!!! I ran into this site and I used to listen to CFNY back in the day! (early 80's)
Hello fellow listeners. I remember using an extra
antenna to pick it up out of Buffalo NY.
So wahts the deal with this station today?
Please let me know.
"New wave shall never die in my eyes"

It Didn't Get Any Better Than CFNY

Post by Antarctica »

Hah! Its no where near the same as it once was! Go listen to it for a few moments and you'll see! A

It Didn't Get Any Better Than CFNY

Post by kenf »

I've updated my winamp SKIN: cfny_fm_102_1.wsz.
. Now includes the winamp Library & Video windows (new per v2.90).
. The 1953-1999 MetroToronto symbol has been inserted in the top-left main corner and sundry cosmetic adjustments have been made as well.

. I always thought someone (else) would have created sleeker skins based on a host of Toronto radio stations at some point. This skin may appear rather flat or plain - I consider it easy-to-read and anti-contoured! Why listen to '80s tunes with a '90s screen image?

. The updated version won't be available on for a while given their normal submission backlog, HOWEVER, you can get a copy of the new 2003 skin directly from its author by e-mailing to:
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