New sound files online, new sound system!

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New sound files online, new sound system!

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After what has been literally months of work, I am thrilled to announce the addition of over 800 new sound files, the vast majority of which are air checks from CFNY.

To handle this massive influx of files, I have had to gut the existing sound pages and replace them with a single page running from a database - there were simply far too many files to do it any other way. I've organized and categorized the files into this database, and the refinement of the entries is ongoing.

The files have also been added to the Spirit Radio streaming radio station, and there are more files on the radio station that are not available for download from the web site.

This has been such a vast undertaking, I'm sure there will be minor bugs to work out here and there. If anyone detects a problem, please let me know!

Now enjoy!
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Maybe gone, but The Spirit lives on...
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