70's edge - what happened to Garfield French?

What ever happened to...?
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70's edge - what happened to Garfield French?

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Accidentally found Garfields name again associated with CFNY of old. Found some songs to listen to and remember on "the youber" Googled and nothing past early 80's rememberances by some music website. Not even a mention of anything past that or of Garfield himself's work since (band was called Garfield in 1976 shortened from Garfield French band of early 70's). I always thought that genre of the time of some singers sounding androgynous (ie: Chris Deburg, Tim Curry, even Joan Armatrading had that sound) was the planet Garfield came from. Some songs posted on Youber were posted apparently by his Son but he refrains from explaining what happened to his Dad?
I miss that time of the late 70's CFNY. It shaped me that music did. It makes me sad; time marches onward and there is no respite from it. Just say goodbye to what you knew as it will be gone one day.
Here is a song that takes me back - I think Garfields best. Cheesy quality as his son explains why on the comments page.
Listen up to this you youngsters - this is where CFNY all got started. Way way way way way back... way way way way way way............................................baaaaacckkk....


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Re: 70's edge - what happened to Garfield French?

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Re: 70's edge - what happened to Garfield French? New single 2020

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Garfield update;
There is a new Garfield single called 'Alabama Breeze' and a forthcoming album possibly for Summer 2020 (?).

Also for fans of the band it looks like there are "T-Shirts now available for purchase from the online store"
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