Possible Change to the Edge format

Changes noticed on the current Edge
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Possible Change to the Edge format

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Hi you all Spirit and Edge fans
I don't know if you have noticed the changes of
personnel happening at the Edge lately.
But I came across this site

This could be nothing but then again you never know.
Little Edge

Possible Change to the Edge format

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Don't think they're moving to the States! It's probably a syndicated show
little edge

Possible Change to the Edge format

Post by little edge »

Oops, I guess you're right about the moves of some people anyway. I haven't heard of anything til yesterday, when the Brother said Humble & Fred were leaving! so sad...
Scott MacLean

Possible Change to the Edge format

Post by Scott MacLean »

The only rumors I've heard about format changes for CFNY would have it playing country music...yech!
Great Natas

Possible Change to the Edge format

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Thanks to the internet, things like CFNY are becoming irrelevant. I hear of this "wad rules" thing--the market used to cater particularly to the mass market, now they cater to those who'd bother to listen--which might account for the Eminem thing. Keep in mind, CFNY has often changed--at times for the worse. There was the Trendymania of 1984. There was the Madonnakan-mania of 1988--CFNY even played NKotB--pity they don't play Madonna now--she's flaked out beautifully. For 1984 there was Brave New Waves. CKLN was around since at least 1981, and CHRY was great for the late great 80's--and all of this was pre-internet. Much Music also makes a neat radio station.
Great Satan

Possible Change to the Edge format

Post by Great Satan »

I was thinking about the history of CFNY--of it's dips, its rises, and its slow decline.

As I remember, 1981 was a great year as it was largely pre-video. Not that many of the good bands didn't make good videos (relatively speaking), but money doesn't seem to improve music as it does video.

In my oft written veiws, CFNY hit a dip 1983-4--around the time they went on the CN Tower.

Then they recovered in quality. I remember 1987 as a particularly good year.

Was CFNY sold in the late great 80's, because they sounded awful for several months.

Then Reiner Schwarz (msp) took over. Then he was kicked out.

I feared the worse a little, but some integrity held out. The Indians, In Utero, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins, Poe, Imperial Teen, Veruka Salt, 11th Dream Day.

It seems that when they started going downtown they worsened.

First it was, I believe, an office at Bloor and Bathurst.

Then the move.

Now I understand that Q/Mojo owns CFNY, or that they are owned by the same company.

This perhaps why they now bleep out 4-lettered words at 4 AM.

Yet why do I feel that this sort of thing can't sustain itself?

Why is it I feel that in trying to ape Q and Mojo--to say little of others, CFNY will be a money loser?

That the company will drop it to another and the format change radically.

Become a country station? Been there, done that in Toronto. If there's an anti-Canadian, or at least anti-world streak in the US, the reverse is likely to happen. Further, k.d.lang has also long given up on "New Country.'

"Urban"? Maybe. The demand is growing. Perhaps a mixed thing.

It's been a long time since we've heard that negroe race music on CFNY, and no, Lenny Kravitz doesn't count, nor does Eminem.

In the meantime, thank goodness for college radio, BNW, DNTO, and the internet.
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