Alternatives to CFNY

Outlets today for Spirit-era music
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Alternatives to CFNY

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Check out: for streaming and requestable 80's too.

These sites have weekly obscure 80's downloads: (plus great archive info)

These used to have downloads, but are now a great resource for info on what was and is out there:
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Alternatives to CFNY

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The nerocam site is actually mine.

Alternatives to CFNY

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I'm looking forward to trying some of these links.

If you have reasonable Real Player or Windows Media Player capability, I highly reccommend a quite new station from the BBC called 6music. It's the nearest thing I've found to the old days of the spirit. You can go there at:

I know Ivar's a big fan too.

It's one of a few newly launched Internet radio stations launched by the BBC (also available by satellite and DAB within the UK only).

It's a real 24-hour real time radio station, with real deejays and real shows. Some of the shows are archived and for these playlists are available. It's squarely aimed at our demographic playing lots of old Jam, Boomtown Rats, Talking Heads etc. but lots of new stuff too like The Strokes, Radiohead (Radiohead are going to program all the music on the station for Christmas week!!!!) Colddplay etc. I'm listening to it right now and in the past hour I've heard Kraftwerk, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Chemical Brothers and Suede. They also chuck in the odd James Brown, Bob Dylan or a bit of techno.

Just like the Spirit days the deejays all have their own biases and you get used to their quirks. I don't care much for Bob Harris' show, but I love Liz Kershaw, Steve Lamaq and Andrew Collins. They're some famous old names like Tom Robinson, Suggs (of Madness fame) and Craig Charles (of Red Dwarf fame) who all have shows too. I think Lemmy still has a heavy metal show too. Not my bag but - hey it's Lemmy!

Because it's the BBC it all sounds very professional and there are no ads (thankyou British TV licence payers!) and they have their own awesome archives to trawl from. Most importantly people talk about music and sound like human beings, not robots.

You may also want to wander over to Radio 1, the BBC's mainstream pop station. There's an alternative section that's also good and still features the legendary John Peel, still going in his sixties and helpfully archived by the website.

The only drawbacks are: the deejays talk a bit more than North American radio. It's obviously very biased towards British music and British things which some people might find a bit parochial. It's also wierd hearing their morning show at 2:00 in the morning and their all night show in prime time.

This reccommendation has absolutely nothing to with the fact I work for the BBC these days. I'm a news correspondent - completely different field.

Nice to meet some of you at the reunion!!
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Alternatives to CFNY

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Didn't do the link very well. 6music is at:

And you can listen to archived shows from Radio 1 including John Peel at:

That's better

Alternatives to CFNY

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Wow! Really like XM Radio and Radio Paradise too. Great reccommendations guys! Radio Paradise is really old spirit like Tracy Chapman and Roger Waters, while XM is more punky. Like it!
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Alternatives to CFNY

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Alternatives to CFNY? Hmmm...obviously one can find everything on the internet if one puts one's mind to it but let's talk about radio, clubs, tv. The Vatikan, Savage Garden, Velvet Underground (Sundays) are good places if you enjoy the industrial/synth/goth sound that CFNY once offered. I discovered Wolsheim, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk at these clubs.

Not much on the radio that I listen to..CIUT has a couple of decent shows but I never know when they are on anymore. TV - Wedge still plays some stuff you won't see in the regular Much rotation. Finding new artists is hit and miss these days. I still think HMV has a decent selection but the smaller shops on Queen are much better. Experiment, try it, check it out and maybe you will discover meaningful music.

Alternatives to CFNY

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Try making your own cds without the commercials. College radio sucks, You have to listen to 95 hours of crap, to listen to one good song that you might not have heard before, only to then have the dj not say what it was that you just heard, so you can't buy it anyway.
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you guys definitely need to check out
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Re: Alternatives to CFNY

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The Spirit (almost) Lives !!!!!!

Besides The Marsden Theatre on The Rock 94.9 ( in Oshawa, Ontario, you will get a smile on your face by logging onto the Live Earl Jive's "Radio Jive" ( where you can listen 24/7 through iTunes, at work, at home, at play...

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