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Message to Alan Cross

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I meant I can predict what song the station is going to play next.
krista Newman-Breen

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And what's with the hour on the hour new U2! Don't they have like 14 albums worth of material to pick songs from.

I feel for Alan Cross because I know working for a big company kills your soul. It's hard not to have an increasing amount of disdain for the guy however, when he was part of the history, spews the history back at us, knows the industry and yet the station still sucks.

Please stop telling me Jakalope is important!
I Love Tammy

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Hey you want to go out on a date? We can listen to my Cirius radio in my Hummer?
Giovanni Sparaforte

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You know since the days of David Marsden who was the actual founder of CFNY radio station with his little VW Beetle, antenna and the infamous brown paper bag. That was the essence of it's existence. CFNY is no longer this "EDGE" thing is not even good enough to be called a bastardized form of CFNY.If someone is willing, find the balls to do it take the name and make it happen resurrect CFNY!!!!!!! Of course unless it's trademarked but some brightstar aught to find a way around it....

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Post by modernrockfan »

I am a modern rock fan, so my rock preferences are different from many of you in this discussion. However, I have my own beefs with the EDGE. They include:

1. the playlist (why won't they play more hard rock bands, like My Chemical Romance, Drowning Pool, Rise Against and the Prom Kings?),

2. the DJs (too much mindless talk, not enough rock),

3. too many commercials (the morning show barely plays any music these days).

If your a fan of modern rock, listen to Y101, a new rock station in Richmond, Virginia. They play 51 minutes of new rock every hour (including on the morning show). Their not afraid to play hard rock bands like My Chemical Romance, Drowning Pool, Rise Against & The Prom Kings. They debut new songs, like System of a Down - BYOB, well before the EDGE plays them.

Try them out. You'll hear great new rock bands you never knew existed, and songs from your favorite bands that the EDGE worries will scare their 10 year old listeners ( i.e. System of a Down - Cigaro).

It will open your eyes. Thank me later!

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No thanks "I love Tammy". This forum is for ranting, not to ask me out.

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Post by Stu »

The current CFNY is one of the worst radio stations I have ever heard. All radio in Toronto, in horrible.

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Post by ralph »

I guess you haven't been listening to 94.9 The Rock on Thursday or Friday nights then....


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Post by stu »

Ralph, you bring up an interesting point. Why wouldn't the current CFNY bring back Marsden?

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Because the edge is owned by a corporate 'cookie cutter format' parent company and they would never give Marsden the freedom he has at 94.9 to truly live the jack-fm creedo - 'playing whatever we feel like' - which ironically is another cookie cutter format and is generally bs - I'd like to get confirmations that any dj on bob, jack or dave actually has the freedom to play whatever tracks they want (or even whatever requests they might receive from listeners!)


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Post by Chris »

Wow, thanks modernrockfan! I tried y101 for a week. It really is amazing how much better it is than the edge. I mean, can you imagine the edge playing 51 minutes of music in an hour?

Your right about the bands too. In comparison the edge seems weak and neglectful of its fan base. Apparently y101 has direct competition in its market. That just shows how competition improves the overall product. There are no other new rock stations in southern ontario, btw.

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Post by Georgina »

We need another alternative station!!!
Renegade X

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Um, how is playing hard rock all about modern rock? That's not what CFNY was about, it was about everything, from Public Enemy to Skinny Puppy to Kate Bush. That's not a format people, it's not about a style of music.

Everyone sits there blaming Alan Cross for the woes of CFNY. CFNY died 14 years ago, actually 15, in 1992. Alan has a job, he's paid to make a station sound like his management wants, make it appeal to the suburban kids with circles around their trees. And he does. But please, don't accuse the guy of selling out, he's not, HE IS a music fan, but he's limited to what he can do. TELL ME, can you do what YOU WANT at work?

As for the rest of you arguing about CFNY, why waste your time. CFNY is dead, so why bother? There are now 100's of choices of how to find music on the airwaves, internet, TV, etc. Go out, find it. When enough of you stop listening to the radio "big" radio might figure it out.

Quite personally, I can't imagine anyone caring about CFNY after 1993 anyway.

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Well said.

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