Tuner Fenton/J.A. Turner SS

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Tuner Fenton/J.A. Turner SS

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I was a student at Turner Fenton Secondary School in Brampton (Formerly J. A. Turner and W.J. Fenton). during my time there, I got the chance to visit a projection room near the cafeteria, where there were what seemed to be the remnants of a school radio station. among other items, i found various tapes and CD singles from artists like Fine Young Cannibals, Blue Rodeo, Green Day, Dire Straits, Bryan Adams, Green Day and Glass Tiger, many of which were marked with \"CFNY-FM\".

can anyone explain how these recordings could have ended up forgotten in a back room of the high school, and what relation the school might have had with CFNY in the 70s/80s/90s?
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marked stuff

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The stuff you found in the backroom of the high school were probably give-away prizes. The station would mark the stuff with a CFNY sticker and then hand them out as prizes.

Begs the question ..... what were YOU doing in the backroom of a high school ... ?
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